We are committed to reduce our impact on the environment while continuing to help generations of people.
The Essentiale® range of products is designed to effectively improve liver health and it is crucial that we provide safe solutions, which do not cause additional burden for the body and to the environment.


Essentiale® only uses extracts of natural, plant-based phospholipids from soybeans, which can integrate into and contribute to the composition of cell membranes alongside endogenous phospholipids.

Essentiale® contains a mixture of phospholipids that have been derived from essential fatty acids, containing a high amount of phosphatidylcholine. The efficacy and efficiency of those enriched phospholipids have been proven in clinical studies and post-marketing use through benefit/risk ratio and established product safety.

More than our constant efforts to help improve liver health, we care for transparency.

Please refer to detailed product pages for full composition of Essentiale® Forte and Essentiale® Max.

Essentiale® is:






To reduce waste, our paper leaflets and boxes are fully recyclable.

Moreover, we are now using QR codes leading to all information regarding our products and remove the leaflet wherever possible and permitted by local regulations.

Your Essentiale® pack has a box, capsules in blister and sometimes a leaflet. We are encouraging everybody to recycle the packaging and leaflet.

Please return all unused medicines to pharmacies for proper disposal and recycling. We are strongly encouraging you to consider local regulations and follow disposal programs available in your area.


dispose of the package (paper)

dispose of the leaflet (paper)

dispose of the blister (plastic)


Essentiale is made in Cologne in Germany.
Our Cologne factory has achieved strong sustainability milestones and committed to become more sustainable:

  • We source 100% renewable electricity from the grid
  • We reduced our CO2 emissions by 62% since 2019 (2023 vs 2019). Among other projects, we have stopped our cogeneration plant and are now using 100% renewable electricity, which helped to save more than 2.000 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to more than 10.000.000 km driven with an average car
  • We reduced our water consumption by 22% in 2023 vs 2019
  • We achieved zero waste to landfill


Our sustainability commitments extend beyond Essentiale®.
Learn how our parent company, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, is taking action to build healthier communities and a healthier planet.